Okay... Here goes.
After a lot of thought (and don't you dare say this was on a whim) I have decided to discontinue GnE. The reasoning behind this is that, when I first made GnE, it was never intended to become so big. Now I've promised this great second chapter and I'm writing special software to make it and as I made the software I realised one incredibly important fact. I am ready to make something far FAR bigger then GnE.
GnE, when I first made it, became the vehicle for every creative output I had for the next 2 years. And no one bought the T-shirts, no one donated any money, I got 4 peices of fan-mail.
It was my life for 2 years and I currently get more feedback on my live journal weekly.
Now it's late people are starting to kick up a fuss but it's still the usual suspects. One thing I've noticed is that everyone wants more GnE, more Griff Griffiths, play the Hamster Song again Pete!
It's not called the bloody Hamster Song! It's called Hamsters in Heaven and I refuse ot let it be the only good thing I've ever written, ditto goes for Griff Griffiths and GnE. If GnE is so good, why does everyone and his dog have a suggestion for what should go into Chapter 2? Don't they think I can handle it anymore?
Clearly my input is no longer required, they just want to see Geoff, Eric, ginger Ayiiika and Colin doing more of the same with dumb sci fi references that don't make any sense. So fine.

When GeNiE is finished (probably under an ew title now that GnE is over) I'm going to put the original Geoff and Eric models into it and let the fans do what they like withthe public release. Start thier own GnE, make a comic entirely about Colin, I dunno, it's up to them.
What I will do is begin work on a new project. I like comics, always have done, so I've got a new one in the pipeline. if he still reads GnE, Liam may recognise the working title of Omega. He ought to, we talked on the phone for 6 hours about it. I've changed the science and the characters somewhat but a lot of it remains in tact. The idea we never made is the idea I will be implementing some time next year.
I'm giving no dates because I want to take my time with this one. Needless to say, expect GnE cameos, but no more GnE comics.
Any... anyone who dislikes this statement, consider the following:
Are you a fan of me or of my creation? If you are a fan of me, then you should have high hopes for Omega. If you are a fan of my creation, and think that nothing else I produce will be as good, I abhor you and everytihng you stand for.
Signing out, one last time.
Pete Smith
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